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Armani: sin minerales

13 junio, 2008

crema nera. Skin minerals

obsidian mineral regenerating
Crema Nera™: the secret of Pantelleria and its obsidian, transposed into a highly regenerating cream. Crema Nera™ contains a specific combination of concentrated vital minerals inspired by obsidian able to be assimilated by skin: the obsidian mineral complex*, that provides** skin cells with the energy that their metabolism requires TO FUNCTION at their OPTIMUM level at any age in life. The Crema Nera™ exclusive formula helps to regenerate cells for a renewed, softer and more radiant skin. From the very first application the quality of the skin is transformed: softer, fresher, more comfortable. Day after day skin feels plumper, denser, firmer: younger looking. Wrinkles appear diminished.
* Patent pending. ** Tests in vitro.

El responsable de grafismo debería usar esta crema si quiere conseguir su propio optimum function.

La imagen ampliada aparece modificada de niveles para evidenciar su falta de obsidiana (que, vaya por Dios, no es un mineral) a la hora de aplicar los reflejos. También podría aficionarse a las flores de Bach, que, entre otras cosas, van bien para la concentración.

Giorgio Armani Beauty.